Arthur | May 2015


Happy 1st Birthday, Arthur!

Camden, NSW
Cake Smash Photography Sydney

We celebrated his first birthday by taking some beautiful portraits of him and his mum at MacArthur Park in Camden, and quickly followed it up with his Cake Smash! He loved his little cake and it was quite possibly the neatest and cleanest cake smash I’ve ever done – he ate his cake very delicately.

MacArthur Park is my favorite spot for photos and I know that I don’t live in the area but’s it’s worth the drive! Being late May all the trees had turned orange & yellow, giving us an abundance of colour and warmth. Plus it was a beautiful sunny day so the colours were extra bright and the day was especially nice and warm.

For this session we got a beautiful 20 Image album made which I personally design myself. The front cover is made from a beautiful Asahi Material with Arthur’s name embossed on the front giving it much more personal feel. Plus we also got a large canvas printed too to hang in his mum & dad’s home.

Matching Bow Tie & Bloomers are hand made by Love Nest Gifts. You can visit their website here.

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For this Cake Smash Session, selecting an album was the perfect choice to display these photographs. As you can see, there are so many beautiful photographs to choose from so it seemed appropriate to display them all in a beautiful album that will last a lifetime. This album is handmade by an Australian company and I designed the layout myself using the photographs that the clients chose themselves. With all my albums there are a lot of beautiful and colourful options available for the cover and they all come with personalised embossing on the front giving your album a very personalised look to suite your family.

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