5 Top Tips for choosing the right newborn photographer

When choosing the right newborn photographer you might find all the information a bit overwhelming. There are so many options out there and narrowing down your search might be a bit difficult.

To make the process a bit easier, I’ve listed my top five tips to choosing the right newborn photographer for you;


1. Safety

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the right person to photograph your baby and the safety of your newborn is by far the most important factor when selecting your newborn photographer.

I’m sure you’ve all done your research on the safest car seats, prams and cribs. Please extend that same level of care when choosing someone who will be handling and posing your baby.

I have over seven years of experience with posing and handling newborns, I keep up to date on my vaccinations and regularly attend infant CPR and First Aid courses. I have attended many workshops and have done hands on training with Australia’s expert newborn photographers.

The health and safety of your baby is my constant priority and should be paramount in your decision making process.


2. Image Quality & Style

You’ll come across so many different styles of newborn photography and all of them are beautiful and unique. The most common style, and the style that I use, is posed.

Posed newborn photography is my specialty. I love taking the time to intricately pose a newborn into adorable curled up poses. I love wrapping babies and using cute props. The sets I create are all styled with great care and your baby is gently posed to highlight their features.

My experience with posing newborns allows me to create full and beautiful galleries for all my clients. My style and quality of work is consistent so you can book me with the assurance that you’ll receive the very best that I have to offer.

When looking for the right newborn photographer make sure their galleries and blogs are consistent in style, quality and posing. Choosing someone who’s consistent with their work will be a guarantee that you’ll receive the same quality in your photos.


3. Experience

When researching for a newborn photographer be sure to look at what experience they have, not just with posing newborns but with photography in general and business.

Having experience in all these areas will ensure that you receive the best in image quality and the best service through proper business practice.

All my work that I produce today – that did not happen overnight. I’ve spent years perfecting my craft and I’m still learning. With experience comes the knowledge that you’re going to receive the best in quality and service.

My experience in business will also benefit you greatly as you’ll be able to trust me to deliver the service you deserve. I have established relationships with the best printers in the country so you can be assured that your printed products will be of the highest quality. Finally, I have insurance so please check that the newborn photographer you choose has insurance too.


4. Recommendations

Ask your friends and read reviews. This is how you can get an inside look as to what to expect from your newborn photo shoot.

Reading reviews can give you an insight into my personality, from other’s point of view, how they felt about me, our interactions, their photos and their overall experience.

Nothing is better than getting a recommendation from a trusted friend. You’ll know through their experience that you’ll receive the same quality in images and service.


5. Budget

The cost of newborn photography can vast greatly. While looking for a photographer, you’re going to come across a lot of different prices and, in most cases, you get what you pay for.

My fees are based on all things listed above; Image Quality and Experience and other factors including; Time, Expertise and Equipment.

While looking at various prices from different photographers try asking yourself;

‘What am I receiving in return for my investment?’

For me, I’m not sending you away with just a USB of ordinary photos. You’ll be taking home beautiful, one-of-a-kind art pieces that is custom made for you. These photographs are the ones that will last forever, the photos that your children will be showing to their children. These photos are the ones you display in your home for everyone to admire an enjoy.

Invest in your memories today because tomorrow they’ll be priceless.

choosing the right newborn photographer  choosing the right newborn photographerchoosing the right newborn photographer. choosing the right newborn photographer

So there you have it – my top five tips for choosing the right newborn photographer! I hope you found this helpful and, as always, if you have any questions, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

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