Me | May 2022

Engadine, NSW
Newborn Baby Photography Sutherland Shire Sydney

This was an exciting session for me. Not only did I take some lovely photographs of the beautiful baby Scarlett, I was also getting photographs taken of me for my business and marketing.

The lovely people from Talenty came over to my home studio in Engadine to photograph and video me working. They created a beautiful marketing video showing many sides to my work with newborns & families and took photographs to capture me in my element.

The purpose of the video is to show potential clients how I work and how I run my sessions. You’ll also see video footage of Scarlett’s mum and dad going through their photos to select the ones they want to be printed. In my business printed products are just as important as the images themselves.

What are photographs if they’re not printed?

When visitors come to my website and view the video, they’ll feel more comfortable with me as they can see me working with a baby. They can see what I look like, how I hold a baby and generally see me work. In turn, this can install some confidence as they can easily imagine me working with their baby and family.

It’s a way to get to know me before you get to know me!

You can check out my website further for more information on my Newborn Sessions. Also, be sure to have a look at my Newborn Gallery to more lovely images of beautiful babies!

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Newborn Baby Photography Sutherland Shire Sydney

Photographs & video Credit – Talenty