Penny, Sophie & Lucy | August 2015


P E N N Y . S O P H I E . L U C Y .

Pet Photographer Sydney. Now this was a fun Photo Session! I know I get to cuddle lots and lots of babies but, when I have a gorgeous dog and two beautiful cats to photograph, work simply can’t get any better than this!

I had the pleasure to photograph Penny, Sophie, Lucy and their humans recently at their home in the Sutherland Shire. The morning was simply beautiful with the sunlight dripping through their garden. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect light. Photographing pets can be challenging at times but it’s this challenge that I love! All pets are unpredictable and mischievous and they’re never going to do what you tell them to do – but, we wouldn’t want them to be anything else?

This has to be one of my all time favourite sessions! Not just because of the beautiful animals in the photos, but because of the beautiful humans with them. It’s not everyday that people want to be photographed with their furry best friends and, then they do, I jump at the opportunity! The connection between everyone speaks for itself and, with this family, I didn’t need to give much direction at all. The love is already there, they just had to stand in front of my camera.

Some pets can be unsure and shy when they first meet me but, by taking time to sit and talk with them, they slowing gain their confidence and learn to trust me. I’ve learnt to have this patience from my time volunteering at the RSPCA. For anyone doing a job like this, patience is a must.

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An Image Portfolio was simply perfect for these photographs. The client’s ordered a beautiful black Buckram box with 18 Finished Matted Prints. The great thing about this particular product is that you don’t have to hang these photos on the wall. If you can’t hang photographs in your home, then you can simply keep the photos in their box for safekeeping. Just like an album, this box can sit on your coffee table.  The box and matting will keep the photographs protected for a very long time. Or, if you can put these photos into frames, then you simply slip them right in, with the mat!

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