Newborn Props

Your choice of props

When booking your newborn photo shoot with me, you get to choose what props you want to use for your photos.

I want you to incorporate your style and personality to your images. You’ll enjoy the photos a lot more when you choose the props you love.

All the items below have been sourced nationally and internationally from the best prop vendors in the newborn photography industry. And, I’ve even made and restored a few of them myself!

Some of the props can even be used for Sitter Sessions!

If you choose to have the photo session done at your home, I’ll bring my props along with me. However, because I have such a large collection, it’s not possible for me to pack everything in my car.

Below are photos of my entire prop collection. I’ve named and numbered them accordingly. When you see a prop that you like, let me know and I’ll bring it along with me to your shoot.


Blanket Backdrops

These blankets are used on my posing beanbag which I use for all my newborn sessions.

Some of the blankets, especially the quilts, look really nice as floor backdrops with the baskets and boxes.

Pick out as many blankets as you like as we may go through a few or, pick out a colour theme you’d like to use.

Whites and Neutrals

Pinks and Peaches

Blues, Greens and Purples



Knits, Wool and Rugs

The chunky wool knits and small wool rugs are great for layering, either on their own or in other props.

The large wool rug is perfect to use for sibling photos.

Thick Knits

Wool Rugs


Wraps and Tiebacks

Wraps are really nice to use for all newborns. Let me know what colour theme you like (and don’t be afraid to pick more than one!).

They can also be used as layers on the beanbag or in a basket or box.

And, if you have a girl, you can choose a matching tieback (I bring all my tiebacks to my newborn girl sessions).


Newborn Clothing

Clothing is very cute to use for all newborn photos. Pick out your favourites and I’ll bring them with me!

If you have a big baby, some of the clothes may not fit. So, pick out a couple and we can work out what fits on the day.

For the Girls

For the Boys


Baskets, Boxes, Nests, Wreaths and Bowles

These props are really lovely to use to for all sessions. This is our chance to really get creative and create something truely unique to you.

As these props are larger and heavier, I recommend selecting one or two for us to use for your shoot.

If you have a big baby, they may not fit in all the props. If you’re unsure, let me know the weight and height of your baby and I’ll be able to tell you if we can use a particular prop or not.


Let me know what you like!

Once you’ve worked out what props you would like to use for your newborn session, let me know and I’ll bring them along with me.

If you’re unsure on what props you like, or what would be suitable to use for your photo shoot, let me know what theme or colours you like and I can work out the right props for us to use.

Check out my newborn gallery and the newborn sessions up on my blog to see some of the props in use. Also, check out the photos below of some examples that I’ve put together.


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