Newborn Photographs taken at your home: Pros & Cons


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A large part of my business is quality service and part of that service is photographing your newborn baby from the comfort of your home.

Although, most newborn photographers have studios (that mostly run from their own homes).

But, where do you want go? Have someone come to you or you go to a studio?

Let’s explore the options.


Having your newborn session done from your Home


• You don’t have to leave the house! Having a new baby is exhausting and leaving the home for a photography session can be daunting. It’s simply convenient to have someone come to you.

• If you have older children (toddlers) they can hang out at home, play in another room and go about their day in their environment.

• If you’ve had a c-section, getting around can be tough so it will be some relief to not leave the house.

• You’re in your home. While I’m with your baby you can go about your day; catch up on some washing, do the dishes or have a nap (why not!). While I prefer for someone to always be with me, most of the mums I work with use some of this time to do other things – even if it’s making a cup of coffee (finally!).

• Newborn shoots can go for up to four hours. This is a long time to be out of the house with a new baby but, when you’re at home, this time doesn’t matter as much.


• You might not enough room in your home. When I come to your house I bring a lot of stuff with me and I always make it clear that I need a room with lots of space, even if we have to temporarily re-arrange some furniture, I need room to work.

• If your home is too bright. I work with a studio light so I need the room to be somewhat dark so any natural or artificial light isn’t going to interfere with my studio light. If I do have light interfering, your photos won’t look nice.

• Your home is cold, drafty or you don’t have heating. With all my newborn sessions I need to maintain the room temperature to be around 27 degrees. This temperature will keep the baby warm, comfortable and sleepy for the duration of the shoot. This may sound really warm but, for most of the shoot, the baby is near naked so they need to be comfortable. I do travel with a small heater that helps a lot, but I still need other forms of heating in the colder months.

• There’s no where to take the family photos. I don’t always take family photos during newborn shoots but, when I do I need a plain wall. This might sound easy but not everyone has this in their homes. If you do – perfect!

The above cons mainly apply to me but these still affect the quality of your images. These are just some things that I have found difficult in the past. However, I have never not been able to make it work. Every home that I’ve been to has been very different; some perfect, others are not quite, but I always make it work.

If you’re unsure if your home would be suitable for images, you can always give me a call we can always have a chat about it.


Going to a Studio


• Most studios are really beautiful to go to. The styling is amazing, the lounge area is comfy and the overall atmosphere is really lovely. I know a lot of newborn photographers who have put in a lot of effort in their home studios to make your experience special.

• Infinite use of all the props! You can see first hand all the props the photographer has to offer and you get to pick out everything that you want for your photographs.

• The photographer’s studio will have the proper areas for family photographs. If you really want family photos with your newborn baby and you don’t have the room in your home, I recommend finding a studio who offers this service.

• These studios will also have the correct lighting and heating. This guarantees a perfect environment for gorgeous and professional images.


• Leaving the home with a newborn. Usually, because the newborn is mainly under two weeks old, this will be the baby’s first outing and heading out for the first time can be quite the adventure!

• If you have older children, particularly toddlers, keeping them entertained can be hard. However, there is an easy solution: Bring them along to the beginning of the session and have the sibling and family photos done right away. Once that portion of the session is done, dad can take them home or out to a park near by. They’ll then be entertained and the photographer and mum can focus on the newborn photos.

• If you’re had a c-section, leaving the house can be hard and we don’t want you to be in any pain whatsoever. If you do go to a studio and you have had a c-section, let the photographer know. They then get the dad to assist when needed. You can then sit back and relax.


My Home Studio

Most of my newborn sessions are done from my home studio but, I can travel to your home if you prefer.

I’ve just bought a house with my partner and we’ve got some renovating to do!

We have a detached studio out the back of the house that’s perfect for newborn shoots and I hope to have you over soon.


The choice is yours

I hope this list has given you some helpful insight into the pros and cons of sessions at home and sessions in a studio.

All you need to remember is that you know what’s best for your family and you have a choice.

But, with everything – do you research! If you decide to go to someone’s home, check out their websites, look at their reviews, ask for photos of their studio (if not on their website) and double check that they have insurance.


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Sydney Newborn Photographer that travels to me